Why Travel to India?

Why Travel to India?

1.2 billion people, 330 gods, 6000 years of national history, 1652 different languages 35 states and union territories. India is a country of bewilderingly great diversities with various religions & culture; its varied landscapes and cuisines from Kashmir in the north to Kanyakumari in the south and from Gujarat in the west to Arunachal Pradesh in the east, etc! India is also a place for Ayurveda, Yoga, learning, amazing arts & crafts, mountains, backwaters, nature, rivers, deserts, wildlife enthusiasts. A jigsaw of people – of every faith and religion, living together to create a unique and colorful mosaic, INDIA will never fail to entice you!

Let’s look at many reasons why Travelling to India should definitely be on your Bucket List according to Soul Indian Journeys!

SENSORY ADVENTURE RIDE: India is a country that can’t be explained; it must be experienced. A walk down the street here is a concoction of sights, sounds, and smells and taste. It’s a kind of chaos that somehow flows when you least expect it, and you definitely won’t find it anywhere else. But as you go deeper and stay longer, you will start to experience the adventure ride into the soul of India.


REGIONAL CUISINE: Indian food is much more than the catch-all phrase of “curry,” that the western world has termed it into, There is so much diversity in the kind of cuisine you will find here, each region will offer you something unique and feisty! In the North, you’ll sample clay-oven Tandoor recipes with thick gravy and naan bread, while in the East you’ll find plenty of fish and tortilla-like chapatti, and wafer-thin filled crepes called dosa in the South. There’s plenty of spice if you’re looking for it, sweets covered in silver, and yogurt-based drinks to beat the heat. As you go through your Indian Journey, you will realize that the best food is prepared within local homes, not in restaurants. vietnam business visa


HOSPITABLE AND GENUINE PEOPLE: The locals are most helpful and kind people you will encounter during your travel. They will go out of their way and help you or invite you home if you have no shelter or food. You will be amazed at the simplicity with which rural Indians live, yet sporting the biggest smiles on their faces!


FOLK ART AND CULTURE: India has an abundance of folk art, which is kept alive in small rural communities and is being revived in the big cities. Each region has a unique dance style, music, handicrafts, and more. My favorite thing to do here is to shop for rural artwork because the artists are so talented and use the few materials they have to their fullest potential. All the artwork is unique, one-of-a-kind, and handmade, and usually has a story or meaning behind it that offers some cultural insights.


CULTURAL/RELIGIOUS AND GEOGRAPHICAL DIVERSITY: India is the melting pot of religions, landscapes, cuisines, and culture. It’s fascinating to know that every time you holiday in India and every region you explore will give you a whole new experience and bring you closer to India. From the Himalayas in the North to the Ganges plain in the Central to the Deserts of Gujarat and Rajasthan in the west to the ancient Dravidian culture of the south to the Sundarbans and tribal villages of the east, each of these will enthrall you!

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