Information about visa to Canada

Credible Reasons to possess an eTA Canada

Are you likely to check out Canada? You then must have a geniune Canadian visa as directed from the country’s immigration division since March 2016. But because of the advancement of technology, you get to have the ETA (Electronic Travel Authorization) Canada easily online. All you need is a valid passport and a reliable web connection. What’s impressive about acquiring an eta Canada

is certainly you could apply from any area, including the ease and comfort of your house.

You only await three days to get your eta Canada after spending a quarter-hour filling the application form form and paying the handling charge. But being a prospective visitor to Canada, you might wonder why you need to come with an eTA Canada. In this article, you shall get insight into owning an eTA Canada as a visitor. But 1st, let’s define an eTA Canada

What is eta Canada?

It really is an entrance requirement to Canada for any foreign national exempted from developing a visa and traveling on airlines. Electronically, an eTA gets associated with your passport. So long as your eTA is usually valid, you get to visit Canada as you want, but limited to short remains. Also, for any foreign citizen journeying through Canada, it is a requirement that he / she must have an eTA Canada. It doesn’t matter the age; all foreigners entering Canada must personal an eTA Canada.

Benefits of having an eta Canada

a) Tourism

With an eTA Canada, you get access to various Canadian tourism sites and places. You get able to enjoy the Canadian culture and connect to the locals. If you love looking at gorgeous sceneries, enjoying the beach, and catching up with historical sites and happening, you can enjoy all of them in Canada if you own a Canadian visa.

b) Business

An eTA Canada allows you to carry out your business in Canada. You get able to offer your products and services towards the Canadian local people without any restrictions. Also, you can develop business partnerships using the local people. With visa Canada, you get yourself a platform to increase your business.

c) Transit

If you are journeying and transiting through Canada, having a Canadian visa is crucial. Otherwise, you won’t get allowed to board your flight.
You can enjoy your eTA Canada for five years unless the following happens before that period expires;

  • Your passport or travel record expires
  • Your travel authorization gets canceled
  • You get released with a fresh electronic travel authorization


As illustrated above, if visa-exempt and planing a trip to or through Canada by air, you must have an eTA Canada. Normally, you won’t get permitted to enter Canada. Luckily, applying for an eTA Canada is easy and fast, and you can do it on-line. There are benefits associated with owning an eTA Canada, as described above. You get free to travel through or within Canada and revel in various tourist sites. Also, you can start and operate your company with no restrictions so long as you abide by the Canadian business laws. If you are planning to check out Canada, begin your trip by first applying for an eTA Canada.