About me

About me

Hi! I’m glad you’re here! My name is Harry McLean and I am a travel blogger. This about me page won’t be that special, my story is similar to other ones you have probably come across.

I’ve started travelling a few years ago when my life became so dull I couldn’t handle it being so boring anymore. Quitting my job and starting a full-time freelance life, gave me an opportunity to get my life back.

The first thing I do when I start travelling is I make sure I have the right mindset, I am excited about travelling and I am determined to make this trip a good one. My first step is to work through what it is that you are passionate about and why you are travelling.

I found that by spending some time researching travelling I am able to get in touch with my inner desires and that helps me focus on the journey more. After I have made some decisions I then make sure I am meeting new people and exploring new places.

I find that when I am travelling full-time I have time to meet new people and I can see the sights and I can also have the support and advice I need when I need it.

Get on this journey along with me and get inspired to change something as well!