Top 10 Best Cities In Saudi Arabia


Top 10 Best Cities In Saudi Arabia

In earlier years, the only option to go to Saudi Arabia was either on an official business visa, through a close family relationship who could sponsor the trip or as part of a pilgrimage, for Muslims to Mecca and Medina (for Muslims alone).

Now, with the opening up of the country to more tourists, including Westerners, it is not surprising that there are so many beautiful places to see and travel to in this Muslim country.

The list of the top ten best cities in Saudi Arabia is an interesting one that covers many different cultures. Here are some of the cities that make up the top ten: Jeddah, Medina, Taif, Al Hamra, Dammam, Ras Al Khaimah, Al Umair, Makkah, Al Qasim, and Al Ashura.


These are cities that will certainly please everyone whether you are a Muslim or not because each of these cities has something to offer both Muslims and non-Muslims alike.

So, if you have been considering going to the Middle East or visiting one of its many other cultural hotspots, then consider the possibilities of travelling to one of the major cities in Saudi Arabia.

If you are travelling in groups of more than ten people, you may want to consider hiring a group tour company, since you will get more bang for your buck than you would from hiring individual guides or individuals.

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Also, if you are a photographer or videographer and would like to be able to take pictures while travelling to one of the most beautiful cities in the world, then this may be the place for you.

Travel tips to Saudi Arabia

To begin with, the most important thing to remember when travelling to Saudi Arabia is to remember that while you are going there, make sure you get everything booked up early. All of these little changes will definitely make things much easier for all future international tourists.

In addition, you should know that, although everything you have read about in the press is true, Saudi Arabia is an amazing country that is full of amazing natural sites, magnificent landscapes, highly contrasting landscapes and very friendly people who can easily rival some of our favourite old friends.


All that is left for you to do is to spend some time doing as much research as possible and start to make preparations. In conclusion, remember that if you want to travel to Saudi Arabia and get the most out of your trip, then keep these basic points in mind.

Firstly, get everything booked up early. Secondly, make sure that you have planned enough time to experience all that the country has to offer. Lastly, do as much research as you possibly can in order to find as much information as possible about the area you plan to visit.

With this information in hand, you will be able to get what you need for your travel and make your stay in the country as relaxing and enjoyable as possible.

Electronic Visa Application Form

The Saudi Arabia electronic visa is a multi-entry electronic visa which allows eligible non-immigrant residents from eligible countries to travel to Saudi Arabia for only a temporary stay.

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The electronic visa is designed to speed up the procedure of obtaining a visa from Saudi Arabia. A single person can use this eVisa. The electronic visa can be used to enter and exit the country on different routes and at different times.

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia provides eVisa. The electronic visa is issued by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and is valid for up to 30 days.

online payment

If an applicant is not eligible for the electronic visa, then they will receive a separate visa to be applied for from the nearest embassy. The electronic visa is approved for the particular country in which the applicant applies for it.

Electronic visa applications will need to be submitted along with supporting documentation such as the original copy of passport, current photo, Certificate of Immigration or Permanent Residence.

A number of companies provide electronic visa application forms. Some of these companies offer packages that include the electronic visa forms and all the required documents.

Other companies have websites which provide complete instructions for filling out the electronic visa application form.